Applications for 2D Animation

Animation Studio 4 When it comes to animation software for internet users, Toon Boom Studio is at the top. It’s a useful tool created by animators for animators. It is the ideal option if you wish to make your own unique animations.

Animationish Animationish is a great course for learning the fundamentals of animation because it was designed with the idea that entertainment programmes shouldn’t be overly complex to make entertaining cartoons.

Toon Flip Boom This animated series was made by Boom Productions with kids in mind. It is an easy programme to understand. To make things as simple as possible for kids to understand, the control output has been condensed.


There have been many distinct versions of Adobe Flash over the years. Although it has the advantages of being easy to use, there are some tools that would truly help designers and animators. This explains why Flash does not receive praise from the majority of the best animators. Quite expensive and not the best for cartoon animation.

Following Effects The programme can produce animation even though it is primarily used for compositing and effects. Yet, since it is expensive, using it just for animation would be a waste. Still, since it can be used for animation, it deserves to be on the list.

A application for animation that supports both vector and bitmap drawings is called Pencil. It appears as though Flash has been given access to Photoshop’s drawing tools. This software is a great introduction to animation software because it has been condensed to only include the most important components.

Synfig The developers of Synfig, an animation programme available only for Windows, maintain high standards for the animations produced using their programme. Following an amazing demonstration, it appears that they are not far from their goal. Complex lighting and camera effects are possible using Synfig. Your job as the animator is to make the best use of them possible.

CreaToon Another animation programme for Windows that employs a cutout technique akin to that of the animation programme Toon Boom. The programme may appear a little less polished, but it does make things easier with the added capability of incorporating bitmap graphics in the programme.

Cartoon Network Pro Toon Boom Digital Pro is a professional-only product as far as animation software is concerned, as its cost suggests. It is supported by evidence. TV shows and motion pictures produced with Toon Boom Digital Pro are included in a thorough list. Adam Phillips and Bernard Derriman, two internet gurus, use this animation programme.

Express by Toon Boom Studio A beginner-friendly animation software application is Toon Boom Studio’s condensed edition. There are restrictions because only one scene can be produced at once. Or, you can just decide to buy Express and then upgrade to Studio if you need to.

SWiSH SWiSH was initially developed to support the open.Swf Flash format in its entirety. SWiSH, which was initially promoted as a less expensive alternative to Flash, is now a trustworthy Windows-only text animation software programme in its own right. You may easily build beautiful swooping effects and export them thanks to it.

Ulead GIF Animator is a very outdated GIF animator. Due to the practically universal adoption of Flash and DSL speeds, Gif animations are all but extinct on the Web. Because it is a Windows application, Vista cannot run it. You’ll want to throw a party like it’s 1999 after seeing this cartoon presentation.

TV Paint. When TV Paint acquired the Mirage brand, they integrated the two programmes into a single one and dubbed it TV paint because TV Paint was a reliable software animation product. To a lot of animators, this was a wise decision. A professional version of the animation design software TV Paint is also available.

Paper Animation Plastic We have the newest thrilling animation programme from Denmark. Plastic Animation Paper is designed to take the place of a conventional light box and paper animation. They are diligently working on a Mac version, but it is presently only available for Windows and Linux. There is a free version you can use, and there is also a paid version.

Movement Studio This quirky Windows-only application is made specifically to generate.exe file types. Although the animation aspect is rather limited, it might be useful for slide shows or looping displays.

Go forward Pro Motion is a Windows animation application specifically made for working with close-up pixels. Because of this, it’s the ideal programme for creating sprite-based characters that resemble those in video games.

3D animation applications

Although the following apps are being used at home and in free movies, 3D software is typically thought of as being for pros.

ThreeD Studio Max The most expensive software animation programme on the list is 3D Studio Max. Many of you will be aware that the programmes we’ll be looking at next, Maya and 3D Studio Max, are owned by Autodesk. Although it is a well-liked tool for architects and industrial designers, it has developed a cult following in the video game and film industries.


Due to its versatility in terms of colours and lighting effects, Maya 3D is progressively replacing other software in the film business. Maya is also incredibly adaptable, making it simple to integrate with outside tools. Because of this, animation studios have an easy time selecting it. If you are considering this software, you can download the Personal Learning Version for free.

Lightwave A highly skilled programme called LightWave 3D is used to make special effects for TV and film. It’s not a task you should attempt carelessly with lightwave. But, a 30-day trial edition of this animation programme is available, and it is advised.

Blender Because it was used to make the comic strip Big Buck Bunny, Blender has recently gained popularity. The sole justification for testing out this free and open-source animation programme should be the amusing and professional animation it produces.

Anim8or This animation programme was made by Steve Glanville, a software engineer at NVIDIA, and is truly a labour of love. In addition to being difficult to spell, Anim8or is a Windows-only application. This software was never intended to be of the level of a professional animator. In any case, if you’re interested in learning how to create 3D animation, this is a good introduction to animation software.

Quick 3D intended initially as a 3D substitute for Flash users. You can export animations created with this software directly to a flash-compatible format. format swf.

Photo Animation Software

The following apps use still images and use them to produce animated videos, almost going unnoticed and almost ending up in the miscellaneous category.


The only Mac-specific programme on this list. A really enjoyable stop-motion animation programme is called iStopMotion. You may create animations with the built-in camera on your Mac or by just importing photographs.

Morpheus Morpheus is an animation tool that can turn your photos into cartoons or animated creatures. The measure of the animation in question is the morphing process itself, although it may be fun to experiment with. Read more about torrenty